Road Tripping

I was fortunate to take a dream trip through USA and Canada. Many people don't know that when you travel across the country like I did that you are living off the grid most of the time. I ate a lot of raw foods because of lack of cooking accommodations and most nights I slept at truck stops or rest stops. Everyday whichever city I was in I researched the closest gym and used my Silver Sneakers membership to work out and shower. Many people couldn't believe I traveled alone and wasn't afraid. I actually loved all the quiet time. It was like a vision quest for me.

A Road Trip that fulfills a lifetime dream is amazing to experience. This trip to St John, New Brunswick, Canada was all I ever wanted to do in my life, so that I could find my Canadian roots.

Ottawa, Canada was amazing, too.

Come back often ... I have a lot of videos to post.

3 minutes of Cheyenne, Wyoming