WRITING MY BOOK - Beach to Boardroom

A lifetime project of mine has been to share my adventures of how I created businesses with a very simple approach and to work them as a solopreneur and bootstrap them. Hence, the writing of my book Beach to Boardroom.
I'm excited that I finally found a way to write my book and not have to write it by myself. I've created an interactive way for you to watch as I dictate the words on a screen. Watch for notifications of when I am writing the book live.

Listen to LIVE recordings of each chapter:

My Dedication to the Book ... 
Press here to listen >  DEDICATION  ( 1Min. .30 sec. )

Introduction of the Book ... 
Press here to listen > INTRODUCTION ( 5min. .13 sec. )

Acknowledgements for the Book ... 
Press here to listen > ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS ( 4min. .22 )

3 minutes of Cheyenne, Wyoming